Western Natural Color Roping Leather Breast Collar/Bridle w/Latigo Leather Set


Natural Color Roping Leather Breast Collar/Bridle w/Latigo Leather Set
* Roping breast collar
* Latigo leather
* Natural color leather
* Browband bridle
* Horse size
* Stainless Steel Hardware
* Latigo leather buck stitch
* Adjustment on both sides
* Circle J Saddle Co.
* Made in the USA
by Saddles & Such

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A western natural color roping leather breast color with latigo leather matching bridle set.  These are well made, thick quality leather sets made here in the USA. The breast collar is natural leather with latigo leather in different places and all stainless steel hardware. The chest straps are natural leather with latigo leather on the ends with a tooling. The chest straps are 18″ long to the ends of the D rings and are 2 pieces of leather sewn together that are 3/8″ thick.  Then they have latigo leather buck stitch and latigo leather strings. The center strap is latigo leather with roller buckle and lots of adjustment with trigger snap. It is stamped in the center ring Circle J Saddle Co. It has  thick 1″ latigo leather tugs with roller buckle buckles.
The bridle is a natural leather and latigo browband bridle. The cheek pieces and browband are natural leather with latigo leather buck stitch. The cheek pieces are 2 1/2″ at widest point and the bit is held by leather pieces bent under. Then it has latigo strips that go through both pieces to hold it closed. The piece over the head is 1″ wide latigo leather with stainless steel buckles on both sides with about 4″ adjustment on both sides. It has a 5/8″ wide latigo leather throat latch with SS hardware.
This set is a well made set of quality thick leather and stainless hardware. Proudly made here in America. by Circle J Saddle Co.
Browband Bridle, Breast Collar set
* Natural leather and latigo leather
* Horse size
* Stainless steel hardware
* Latigo leather buck stitch
* Latigo leather strings
* Made in the USA
* Circle J Saddle Co.
Sold by Saddles & Such
several other designs, colors and styles available

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